Pad Printing: How to Improve Ink Adhesion

Pad printing is the process of transferring 2D images onto 3D parts.  When skilled artisans and industrial grade machinery are combined, the process of pad printing accurately transfers artwork images onto a substrate, en masse, providing a cost effective decorating solution.  The process is particularly useful for the medical and industrial industries, where volume, precision,…
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Medical Device Pad Printing Is Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

Medical Device Pad Printing Services, provided by Liberty Clark, Inc., are helping in the fight against COVID-19. Here’s an Article by the Star Tribune about one of the many medical device pad printing applications that we are involved in. “We are very proud to be pad printing component parts for pulse oximeters,” says owner Brian…
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Liberty Clark, Inc. Partners With Enterprise MN

April, 2018 Liberty Clark, Inc. partnered with Enterprise Minnesota to prepare for ISO9001:2015 certification audit.
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