Liberty Clark delivers repeatable pad printing and screen printing on industrial manufactured parts. We specialize in printing on complex shapes and challenging surfaces. Skilled with ink matching, Liberty Clark has a proven pretreatment process for durable adhesion to polypropylene and HDPE provides durable adhesion. Short-run parts and component decorating is done right and consistently delivered on time.

We specialize in:

  • 12v Engine Starter Housing
  • Aerospace Control Switch Housing
  • Battery Door
  • Cable Subassembly
  • Connector Plate Housing
  • Console Control Top
  • Control Display Bezel
  • Display Lens
  • End Cap
  • Handle Actuator
  • Knotless Inserter Knob
  • On/Off Switch
  • Plate aluminum chassis
  • Police Radio Housing
  • Polycarbonate Display Cover
  • Resistor Shells
  • Rockshaft Control Lever Housing
  • Sensor Insert
  • Service Card Holder
  • Signal Processor Enclosures
  • Silicone Power Button
  • Stainless Nipple Body
  • Stainless Sleeve

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