Pad Printing Services for Industrial OEM Manufacturers and Suppliers

High Precision Industrial Pad Printing Services

Liberty Clark, Inc. provides precise, repeatable, pad printing services for industrial manufacturing customers.

Examples of industrial components currently in production are lever housings, switch bezels, display screens, quick connect couplings, even tiny (1mm) resistor shells! All share common characteristics – the components are unusually shaped, the artwork locations are challenging, adhesion requirements require life-of-product durability.

As a leading contract pad printing service provider, we offer a wide variety of pad printing (and other decorating) solutions to meet and exceed your product expectations. Our industrial grade pad printing machines have the ability to decorate three dimensional surfaces repetitively.

Our 20 years of experience, documented processes and quality inspections help ensure each pad printing job is decorated to the highest quality. Our quality system is certified ISO 9001:2015. Historically, our fallout rate is well below 1%.

Benefits of Pad Printing

Pad printing, as a form of product decorating, allows artwork images to be transferred directly onto irregular, non-flat, surfaces.

The key is the silicone pad. Silicone is a pliable substrate that will flex to the shape of the product while leaving precise artwork registration on the product.

A carefully chosen ink system will provide durable adhesion for the life of the product. There are many ink systems available and formulated specifically for the substrate to be decorated.

Various substrates including plastics, metal, wood, glass, and even textiles can be successfully decorated with pad printing. Lastly, pad printing inks can be mixed to match any color requirement.

Pad Printing Equipment and Capacity

Liberty Clark, Inc. production equipment and capacity includes over two dozen industrial grade machines for contract decorating purposes only. Our facility is 10,000 square feet.

A large number of machines means little to no down time. If one machine requires maintenance, we are able to move the job to another machine without adjusting the agreed upon promise delivery date.

Our equipment, capacity, and highly skilled artisans are able to decorate thousands of industrial components daily.

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Pad Printing on Industrial Products

Our equipment and production techniques will accommodate very small parts (1.00 x.50mm resistor shells) and large parts (up to 18-inches in length) to be pad printed. From prototype to production, no quantity is too large or too small. Precision to your required tolerances is our promise to you.

12v Engine Starter Housing

Aerospace Control Switch Housing

Battery Doors

Cable Assemblies

Console Control Top

Control Display Bezel

Display Lens

End Cap

Handle Actuator

Knot-less Inserter Knob

On/Off Switch

Plate aluminum chassis

Police Radio Housing

Polycarbonate Display Cover

Resistor Shells

Rockshaft Control Lever Housing

Sensor Insert

Service Card Holder

Stainless Sleeve

Multi-Color Industrial Printing Services – Up to Four Spot Color Art Images

Liberty Clark, Inc. offers racetrack, shuttle and rotary table pad printers. Our machines are capable of pad printing up to four spot color art images with a one-pass set up. The obvious benefit is close-tolerance registration with less press time set up. Since these machines require only one operator, multi-color pad printing becomes very affordable.

For higher volume projects, we operate a four-color machine equipped with 12 fixture stations to further reduce delivery time.


3M logo pad print

Experience Industrial Pad Printing Professionals

Liberty Clark, Inc. is a specialized and highly experienced provider of sub-contract pad printing services. You will have one point of contact every step of the way, from estimating to shipping, to ensure the best customer experience. We enjoy our work and proudly support domestic industrial manufacturing.

Industrial Pad Printing FAQ’s

We are able to print on common plastics such as ABS or polycarbonate as well as metal, glass and acrylics. We also have the ability to print on more difficult substrates such as polypropylene, polyethylene and acetals (such as delrin).

Pad Printing is a proven technique for precisely decorating medical and industrial objects with curved or flat surfaces. A pliable silicone pad stamps an image from an ink plate and transfers the image to the surface to be decorated. The pliable pad allows for precision decorating (printing) on a curved surface.

The prints are very precise. Our printing plates are created from high resolution vector-based images.We can typically hold tolerances of ± .025″.

Yes. We can match to Pantone Matching System (PMS) via PMS numbers or physical samples sent to us.

Yes. Though many parts do not require. We are able to predetermine if pre-treating is necessary based on the Dyne level of the part. We have non-chemical pre-treatment methods for medical and other sensitive materials.

We have successfully printed text on objects as small as 2mm x 1mm. And, we routinely print housing components as large as 1.5 sq ft.

Yes. In fact, we have two levels of quality control.We have been referred to as a first-line-of-defense for a manufacturer’s quality control process. Each part we print is individually printed. There is no automation.Therefore, eyes are on every part we print.Sometimes parts do not fit into our holding fixture.If the part doesn’t fit into our holding fixture, we reject the part and return unprinted. If the part doesn’t fit into our holding fixture it more than likely would not pass a manufacturer’s final assembly inspection.This first level of QC saves time and money for our partners. The second level of QC involves quality of printing.Our QC process involves multiple daily inspections for each production run by a quality control supervisor.

In many cases, the product will no longer be usable before the printed image has faded.

Yes. Claims of defects in workmanship and/or damage to customers parts will be honored up to 30 days after shipment.

Yes. Class 7.

Typically 14 to 21 days. Often we are able to turn parts around sooner. Some parts require a 6 day cure time before we ship and may require the full 21 day lead time.

Yes. Production and Set up procedures are documented.Please request C of C and/or ink cert on the purchase order.

For medical products with Class VI requirements, we can offer a variety of inks that are Class VI certified.