Ink System and Substrate Subject-Matter Experts for Custom Product Decorating

Certified 9001:2015, the team at Liberty Clark, Inc. provides custom product decorating. Ink system and substrate subject-matter experts, they match the right ink and process to provide the highest quality product marking or decorate for a wide range of substrates and part geometries. Services include pad printing, screen printing and digital printing for micro-, mini-, small- and medium-sized medical device and industrial parts and products. Since 2000, Liberty Clark has provided customers with exceptional service and quality. Located in Elk River, Minnesota we support local, regional and national markets.

Pad transfer is a proven technology capable of decorating three-dimensional, curved surfaces. Liberty also offers direct-to-substrate digital printing suitable for prototype and small-batch runs. Direct-to-substrate digital printing is an economical option which allows for on-the-fly variations.

If you need medical components decorated, take advantage of our certified ISO class-7 clean room operations.

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Class 7 pad printing cleanroom

Experienced Medical Device Pad Printing Professionals

Liberty Clark, Inc. are your experienced professionals for your next medical device pad printing job.  We will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure the job is done right the first time and is done on time!