From prototype to production, no quantity is too small or too big.

Since 2000, Liberty Clark, Inc. has delivered innovative and unique commercial product decorating services, including pad printing on curved surfaces. We take our customer’s creative concepts and make them a reality! Our staff has the experience and ingenuity to meet your challenge. On average, our print operators have six years of pad printing experience.

Liberty Clark printing processes provide the ability to place your logo or decoration just about anywhere on your product. Compound curves, textures, and recessed areas pose no problem.

Difficult substrates like propylene, silicone, engineering grade plastics, glass, ceramic, painted surfaces, plated, anodized, or powder coated metals have been precisely printed.

We have successfully printed text images on parts as small as 1mm x 2mm, while we routinely print images on products over 1sq. Ft.

Our Machines

Liberty Clark has numerous pad printing machines at our facility. We use the finest commercial pad printing equipment to ensure the most consistent reproductions at the fastest rates.

While most pad machines are capable of producing consistent images at fast rates, the design of each machine creates advantages for certain projects. For example, jobs that require multiple images on the same part can be pad printed with a “multiple cup” pad printer. The design of our machines allows our operators to change from image to image with shorter down time. Less down time equals savings to the customer.

Our pad printing facility operates sealed-cup pad print machines, only. The sealed-cup design is newer pad printing technology. The ink is contained in a cup, like the name suggests. Since the ink is sealed, the ink remains at the proper viscosity much longer. The operator spends less time maintaining the ink, which results in the higher output. Again, higher pad printing output equals savings to the customer.

In-House Graphics

We have a dedicated graphics department capable of transferring a vector-based image to a precise film and plate image.The image printed will be precisely located and imaged according to product drawings.

In-House Plate Creation

Liberty Clark has the right tools to turn your artwork into ink printing plates in minutes!We use photopolymer plates for short to medium production runs.For long production runs, stainless steel plates are used.

In-House Tooling

A key element to precision printing is a craftsman-built fixture (nesting tool). Liberty Clark has the craftsmen and capabilities to design and build fixtures built to last.

In-House Color Matching

Liberty Clark uses digital scales accurate to .0001 to match your custom color chip or the Pantone Matching System (PMS) number. We stock base colors for most ink types to avoid vendor delays.

**Typical (but not all) Stock Ink Colors Referenced by PMS Colors.

Color Options

Choose from a wide variety of PMS ink colors.